Pictures from my dreams



In my dreams I see different beautiful things and places. I take a pictures with my photo camera, shoot some cool things, then I wake up and there are no photographies, because it was just a dream. I thought today, it will be good practice to draw my dreams. Of course I don't remember the details, but I remember sense and colors. At least I'll try. These are quick sketches I made.
This is a cave-shark in the forest, but I was afraid to go inside.


Pictures from my dreams


This is me standing in the lake, looking at skyscrapers, they were bigger, so beautiful. This place was called Phuket in my dream. I don't know why, I've never been abroad.


Pictures from my dreams


This is the place from my last dream. I had such a good dream, summer city, I travelled and took pictures again.


Pictures from my dreams
P.S. Russian word "COH" means a dream.

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  • loune471


    Au moment où vient la nuit ,
    où tout s'efface sans aucun bruit
    on rajoute des couleurs dans nos pensées ,
    pour préparer un sommeil sans insomnie ....
    On se dit que les rêves ne seront pas perturbés .
    On ajoute de la tendresse ,
    un peu d'amour et on va se coucher...

    Douce nuit à tous

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